Unbounce’s 2019 Website Overhaul

Any great SaaS website is designed to generate demand, and after years of a relatively unchanged site, we wanted to update Unbounce.com to make it easy for interested marketers to evaluate our software, and sign up for a trial.

Packed with competing and unclear calls to action, our existing site presented outdated messaging addressing only one of our known target segments, and generally, didn’t present clear paths to conversion. Without proper site governance, it was also a Frankenstein from a content perspective.

Fortunately, in 2019 a team of us took on this behemoth.

Our old, stagnant homepage vs. our new one.

Our old, stagnant homepage vs. our new one.

Our Mission

Our team set out to:

  • Increase conversions or new trial starts of our software with a focus on three specific evaluator paths to start.

  • Improve site structure, user experience, and internal governance for the future (we wanted our marketing team to be able to add or make changes to the site content easily. This was previously not possible).

  • Provide clear value props with updated product messaging in our voice and tone.

  • Present relevant content/information for evaluators.

  • Officially begin rollout of our new brand look and feel.

We also wanted to ensure the organic traffic to the site didn’t suffer when we made the swap. We were careful to set up proper redirects and monitor this carefully upon launch.

Ch-ch-ch Changes 🎵

Working closely with our web strategist contractors to craft a site structure we were happy with, my team then collaborated with our designers to to wireframe and re-craft the entire site from its look and feel to the messaging.

Here are a few of the old pages. You’ll notice they each rock a different layout and design which was inconsistent. We solved for this issue on the new site by identifying commonly used components or elements and making these available to marketers who are now enabled to build pages in the future.

Popups Overview

Landing page overview

Old PPC page

Old agency page

New Segmented Pages

Before, our entire site contained messaging speaking to only one use case. With the new site, however, our team crafted new segmented pages to address specific audiences effectively. Hayley Mullen and Luke Bailey crafted the copy and it was my job to ensure the copy across the site aligned to our product marketing positioning frameworks and that our voice and tone was brand aligned.

The sample pages below target ecommerce marketers and agencies respectively:

New Agency Page

Ecommerce Page

But that’s not all…

Not only are the new pages structured with H1 headlines that clearly articulate the narrative of the positioning at a glance, but each of them now feature new, segmented customer testimonials sourced by my team.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.08.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.08.27 PM.png

Unbounce’s new site was worked on by dozens of people, but I’ll shout out the core contributors here including: Ceci Martinez, James Thomson, Hayley Mullen, Luke Bailey, Leslie Ty, Megan Sakakibara, Sam Shen, Viv, Robin, and Martin of Dos Lados, and Colin Loughran.

Note: The site has been live since June and—while most site overhauls see negative or flat results upon launch—we’ve actually seen a significant positive increase of new trial starts as a result of this initiative. Will update with concrete results in a few weeks.