Videos I’ve Produced

Video is both the coolest way to convey your brand’s message and, often, the trickiest.

It involves a technical skillset, sure, but you also need to apply a content-first lens to every project. Without a firm understanding of the strategic purpose or intent behind a video (where it will live, how it will be used in a campaign, the points it must include vs. nice-to-haves), you can easily create something without substance.

Over the past seven years I’ve created countless concepts for video both in-house and with agencies. I’ve scripted for big budgets, tiny budgets, animation, live action, regrettable green screens, you name it.

Beyond coming up with the campaign concepts below, I’ve arranged preproduction from shot lists, to location booking, and organizing talent and rentals.

Here’s a sampling of videos I’ve scripted and produced alongside in-house videographers. These include ecourse material, top of funnel campaigns, explainers, talking head interviews, and more: