The Video Marketing Handbook 

  Click above to access the PDF to read.

Click above to access the PDF to read.

The most comprehensive ebook I've ever written, the Video Marketing Handbook aims to help B2B marketers maximize the impact and returns of their video assets. 

Addressing topics from video storytelling, to production, and analyzing performance, this is truly the one-stop shop for marketers looking to use their videos to drive business results. It's packed with real examples, and great ways to create videos that convert.

Promoting the Handbook

The ebook is wrapped up in a video campaign I concepted and scripted in which the handbook is personified by a personal trainer.

Grab your spandex and get your video marketing workout on!

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Teaming up With the Pros

Collaborating with experts to provide actionable advice, I worked with some of the most incredible content marketers and videographers in the biz to bring their insight to our audience...

An excerpt:

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