The Tale of Two Marketers

Click to view the campaign in action!

Click to view the campaign in action!

Aiming to empathize with our target audience and scale our messaging with video, I wrote the Tale of Two Marketers script and worked with our creative team (videographer, designers, demand gen, and growth hacker) to lead this production and bring this story to life.

At the end of this short video viewers are prompted to download the related case study. The evergreen campaign also includes a social component using the hashtag #MKTGstory.

Results: Featured as one of Pardot's 4 favourite B2B content marketing campaigns, in early (week of) release the Tale of Two Marketers had 2000+ unique views and viewers typically spent over four minutes on the landing page. The click-through rate to view the video was a strong 78%. 

The piece holds 73% of the audience right to the very end and the "completed view to lead" conversion rate was 33%.

You can read my lessons learned from running the campaign here.

A closeup of the Landing Page:

The twist ending CTA with the "real" Strategic Sue, our customer Bhaji from Taulia.

The social aspect of the campaign featured #MKTGstory tweets from other customers we illustrated in cartoon style:

The SlideShare content I developed based on the responses to the #MKTGstory hashtag. 

Top marketing influencers shared the story, including Ann Handley and Lee Odden. This helped us amplify our reach:

Read the customer story created for this campaign:

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