The Modern Marketer's Guide to Video 

Released in May 2013, this was my very first ebook and large brand collaboration. I reached out to Oracle Marketing Cloud's Amanda Batista to co-brand this lead-gen asset and corresponding video campaign produced in-house at Vidyard.

In the guide, we cover: 

  • What it means to narrowcast

  • The six steps to purposeful video marketing

  • Ways to use video throughout the funnel

  • Connecting video to your marketing automation platform, and

  • The metrics you need to track as a successful video marketer

Results: A week from the release of the video to support the asset, this campaign was converting at 41%. (visit to form submit). Within one quarter, the eBook converted 1,254 qualified leads. As an evergreen piece, it continues to deliver a solid 200+ leads per month.

The video promoting the guide

I wrote the script and organized the production of the following Metrics Matter campaign. 
I play fumbling marketer, Sarah...

Landing page copy:

A few excerpts: 

Graphic designer: Kristina Stankovic, Author: Jennifer Pepper, Contributor: Jon Spenceley "Lead Scoring Like a Pro With Video", Videographer: Blake Smith, Editors: Amanda Batista & Tyler Lessard.