Ebooks & Their Promotional Campaigns

In my role as Content Marketing Manager at Vidyard I produced several comprehensive ebooks, including

  • The Video Marketing Handbook

  • The Modern Marketers Guide to Video, and

  • Designing an Incredible Digital Experience with Video.

You can learn a bit about each below.


The Video Marketing Handbook 

Click above to access the PDF to read.

Click above to access the PDF to read.

The most comprehensive ebook I've ever written, the Video Marketing Handbook helps B2B marketers maximize the return from their video assets. 

Addressing topics from video storytelling, to production, and analyzing performance, it’s a one-stop shop for marketers looking to use their videos to drive business. It's packed with examples, and advice for creating videos that convert.

Promoting the Handbook

This evergreen ebook was promoted with a video campaign I ideated and scripted in which the handbook is personified by a personal trainer.

Grab your spandex and get your video marketing workout on:

Teaming up With the Pros

Calling on some heavy-hitting experts, I worked with some of the most incredible content marketers and videographers in the biz to bring their insight to our audience...

Here’s a short excerpt:

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.40.37 PM.png

The Modern Marketer's Guide to Video 

Released in May 2013, this was my very first ebook and large brand collaboration. I reached out to Amanda Batista of Oracle Marketing Cloud to co-brand this lead-gen asset and corresponding video campaign produced in-house at Vidyard.

In the guide, we cover: 

  • What it means to narrowcast

  • The six steps to purposeful video marketing

  • Ways to use video throughout the funnel

  • Connecting video to your marketing automation platform, and

  • The metrics you need to track as a successful video marketer

Results: A week from the release of the video to support the asset, this campaign was converting at 41%. (visit to form submit). Within one quarter, the eBook converted 1,254 qualified leads. As an evergreen piece, it continues to deliver a solid 200+ leads per month.

The video promoting the guide

I scripted and organized the production of the following Metrics Matter campaign. I play fumbling marketer, Sarah...

An Excerpt

image-asset (1).png

'Designing an Incredible Digital Experience With Video'

To support the launch of Vidyard’s branded video hubs product, I authored this ebook explaining the value of this type of experience for marketers. The ebook featured dozens of examples of branded video hubs, including one from The Lego Group.

You can read my guest post about the topic on the Oracle's Modern Marketing Blog.

Promoting the book

Prep for the Future Video Campaign

One of my favourite projects of all time, I came up with the concept, wrote the video script, and acted as producer for our Back to the Future parody to promote this big piece of content. 

We cast two talented Vidyardians (thanks Ian and Chris!), filmed in our parking lot, and our videographer Blake Smith created an awesome CGI DeLorean. Check it out!