Indochino Customer Story Video

Ever wonder how retail brands like Indochino run their online marketing?

Typically this fast-growing apparel brand outfits thousands of men with made-to-measure suits, but you might not know they use dozens of Unbounce landing pages to make the most of their PPC spend on Facebook. 

In 2018 I got to produce this customer story for Unbounce alongside Sarah Gooding (PR manager), Rebecca Preston (designer), Lisa Craveiro of Indochino, and the production team at Noravera Visuals.

The team at Indochino was running Facebook ads, but needed a relevant place to direct paid traffic. Custom Unbounce pages were the way to go, and the brand hasn't looked back since.

Watch the video we produced below, or read the full story here.


The Full Cut


The Micro Cut

Created for promotion of the story on social channels, this video asset was designed to describe the challenge Lisa's team faced and prompt visits to the full story.