"Busted" – a customer campaign prompting product use

A major contributor to any customer's success with Unbounce is building multiple pages. Data indicates the quicker someone publishes a second page, the longer they'll remain a customer overall.

With retention in mind, I spearheaded and produced a "Build a second page" email campaign featuring a video targeting at-risk customers.

Email #1

Subject line: Busted! Noah Found out you've only published one page!
(received by a small segment of customers who have only published 1 page, 45 days after signup).
Open rate: 55%
Click through: 10%
Those who reach goal (publish a second page): 29% 

The click-through experience (Landing Page & Video)

The link in the above email leads to a landing page and video of Noah's "reaction". The landing page copy provides ideas for creating your next landing page with Unbounce. Although you can navigate from this page to an educational blog post, 4% of those who wind up here end up heading straight into the Unbounce app to browse templates for their next campaign.

The Video 

The video has a 75% engagement rate – meaning 75% of the audience watch until the final CTA. It's prominence on the landing page gives it a play rate of 74%, and 28.4% click the CTA at the end to the blog post. 

Watch the video here.

The followup emails

If you do publish a second landing page, you get this followup message:

Subject line: Congratulations! I just saw your second page
Open rate: 79%
Click through: 5%



If you don't publish your second landing page, you get this followup message:

Subject line: Circling back about landing page #2
Open rate: 65%
Click through: 5%
Reply: 9% 
Those who go on to publish their second page from here: 78%