Jennifer Pepper? That’s not even a real name! It’s like Bobby Tomato or something
— incredulous individual

I lead teams at SaaS brands to produce incredible content that gets results.

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Tempting as it might be to earn a PhD to officially become Dr. Pepper, these days I work as a Digital Marketing Manager.
—And, hey, throwing around lingo like MRR, NTS, and APRU on a regular basis makes you sound kinda doctoral, right? ;)

Equal parts scrappy problem solver, content strategist, and video producer, I’m all about helping software brands create persuasive content and campaigns addressing real business challenges. Acquisition, product marketing, and sales enablement? Those are my jam.

With nearly seven years of experience in editorial roles (largely for B2B companies), I’m a seasoned writer, editor, and content strategist with a knack for producing—or coaching teams to produce—everything from customer stories, conversion-focused web copy, editorial, and, my absolute favourite—scripting and producing videos.

I currently work at Unbounce, and in my roles to date I’ve been lucky enough to problem solve throughout the customer journey: whether it’s growing top of funnel traffic, lead generation, sales enablement, and even increasing trial to paid product adoption. 

What people I’ve worked with say:

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Vidyard marketing was build on cutting-edge content that got attention and helped build a category. At the heart of that content was Jennifer Pepper. From brainstorming to final delivery, her creativity, and attention to detail, allowed a small team to deliver content that was praised by some of the biggest brands around.
— Joe Gelata, former Demand Generation & Revenue Operations at Vidyard
Jen is one of Unbounce’s top performers. I honestly think you’ll have a hard time finding someone that’s as driven and hard-working as Jen. She’s has a gift for content, and her strategic mind, talent and creativity have shone through on multiple occasions that include marketing videos she’s starred in, wrote and/or produced; articles she’s written and edited for the Unbounce blog; and onboarding email tracks and resources she developed while working with me on new customer product adoption. Best of all, Jen is also a great person and someone you can rely on.
— Justin Tsang, Director of Customer Marketing at Unbounce
Jen wrote several, extremely high quality articles and ebooks for us. Her research and prose were always top notch. And her professionalism and sense of humour were appreciated by everyone on the team. We’d pay her well to write for us anytime; she’s worth it.
— Josh Anish, former head of content marketing, GoAnimate
Jen is an excellent individual to work with in all capacities. Over the past 2.5 years at Unbounce, I can confidently say she is one of the smartest and most driven leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has both sides covered - a very strong work ethic, analytical mind and focus on results, while paired with strong creativity and people skills. She takes projects head on and has the ability to rally the team with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen and hope our paths cross again in the future!
— Brian Hemeryck, Growth Engineer at Clearbit, formerly Growth at Unbounce
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First and foremost Jennifer is a skilled professional writer. Her ability to tackle complex high-tech ideas and products and turn them into professional and easily digestible content for our website proved invaluable. I would work with Jennifer again in a heartbeat.
— Dawn Reid, Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications, Philips Color Kinetics

My work has appeared in: