Jennifer Pepper? That’s not even a real name! It’s like Bobby Tomato or something
— incredulous individual

I lead content teams at SaaS companies.

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Tempting as it might be to earn a PhD to officially become Dr. Pepper, these days I head up the content marketing team over at Unbounce. And, hey, throwing around lingo like MRR, NTS, and APRU on a regular basis makes you sound kinda doctoral, right? ;)

A potent mix of scrappy problem solver, strategist, and video producer, I help SaaS brands create high-converting content addressing real business challenges

With nearly seven years of experience in editorial roles, I’m a seasoned writer, editor, and I sincerely love coaching my talented team to produce everything from customer stories, web copy, editorial, and—my absolute favourite—video.

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My top 5 Gallup StrengthsFinder traits:

Strategy: I enjoy determining the options ahead, evaluating, and selecting a way forward. I’m a “first-class noticer” who sees patterns in complexity, which helps me learn quickly. I’m constantly asking, “what if”.

Activator: Impatient for action, I’m usually the person asking “when can we start?” I prompt teams to make choices even when we can’t have all the information upfront.

Focus: I often work very efficiency over long periods of time with extended concentration.

Significance: I want my way of work to be a way of life rather than a job and I’m always pushing past the status quo. With me on your marketing team, I push to get our work published and recognized.

Communication: I know a good story when I see it, and can bring ideas to life with rich examples.